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Comforts and facilities inside the Inn

  • Breakfast is served in the dining room every morning and a coffee, tea and soft drink bar is always available for the required break.


  • Passengers have the dining room  and the main kitchen to heat their lunch, water for mate, tea or coffee, milk from the bottle of  their baby or use the crockery if you want to eat or snack at the dining room tables.


  • The living room and the Library have a large collection of books and magazines that you can read and  accompany you during your stay with a view of the KATY garden.

  • Board games for children and adults.

  • Both the dining room and the living room and Library have WIFI and cozy and ambient functional music.


Outdoor Amenities and Facilities:

  • Katy is in the heart of Circuito Chico. That is to say, very close to the trails and lakes that frame endless activities and pedestrian or mobilized walks.

  • That is why the inn is conducive to rest after the journey  of journeys and adventures.

  • Nearby is the coast with its sunny lake beaches, a short walk away, not far from the Hosteria .

  • You can enjoy the garden of almost one hectare, to appreciate the summer flowering, the fruit trees, plantations of fine fruit, organic orchard and varied trees that change their tones, textures and colors according to each season of the year.

  • The garden can be used as a solarium, a space for reading, meditation or simply listening to your personal selection of good music 

  • If children come, there are some games for them in the Garden.

Laundry service

Own parking

Wi-Fi in-out

Tourist advice and recommendations.

We collaborate in the coordination of Transfers to the Airport.

We speak languages: Spanish, English, German, Slovenian, Italian, and Portuguese.

Links of Interest:


What happens in Bariloche

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Weather in Bariloche

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General Information Bariloche

Media Status

and ski slopes

Organization of small scheduled events

The cozy environment , of traditional Andean design and Slovenian style of a mountain home and the natural environment, allows us to offer our dining room, living room and park, to organize and attend celebrations of small private groups in the morning and midday or afternoon, enjoying our homemade specialties for breakfast, brunch or tea time.

Consult and request more info  through the mail at

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