ACTIVITIES at Katy´s Hostel

Given its convenient location inside the Nahuel Huapi National Park and its closeness to Puerto Pañuelo and the Llao Llao protected nature reserve, there are many interesting activities you may undertake just a few steps off the Hostel:


Inside the forest of the Llao Llao natural reserve, there is a twelve mile maze of hiking trails across the native woods.

Activities on the lake

The closeness to several lakes allows the traveler to undertake a wide range of lake activities such as kayaking, boat fishing, and boat trips sailing off from Puerto Pañuelo.

Mountain Bikes

Bike through all existing pathways in the Nahuel Huapi National Park in an adventure that will take you through all sorts of natural surroundings, across ancient forests, watery brooks, crystal-clear lakes and snowcapped mountains.

Golf world class

Neighbors golf internationally Llao Llao with its 18 holes invite the golfer to enjoy an unforgettable experience.

Executive minibus for up to 12 passengers

We provide an exclusive bus transfer service for arrival and departure transfers at the Airport and guided land tours with our own Certified Tourist Guide (tours available in Spanish, English and German).

Guided tour

Gringos Patagonia offers various activities and tours that will get you in touch with nature! Our main goal is that our guests get to fully appreciate the ubiquitous presence of nature, stressing the need to raise awareness of ecological and environmental issues.